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Why is getting organized so difficult? It takes time; there are a lot of decisions to make; and, it's hard to let go. At UNSTUFFnyc, we will gently guide you through the process and create a new system that meets your needs:  functional, space saving, and beautiful, too.  

home organization

  • kitchen/pantry

  • refrigerator/freezer

  • living room/family room

  • playroom

  • bedrooms

  • closets, closets, closets

  • laundry room/mudroom

  • bathrooms

  • home office

  • garage/basement

  • storage unit

corner shelf pantry.jpg
cw wide shot great room living room.jpg

home-office organization

  • sorting, filing, shredding 

  • digital transfer: scanning paper files to store online

  • creating new filing systems to reduce clutter and increase efficiency

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